OCM and Miami lose opener to St Francis Brooklyn



CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Miami's offense was offensive on opening night. After just one game, it's already clear that finding scoring will be a problem for a program that's coming off ACC regular-season and tournament titles. Miami fell to St. Francis Brooklyn -- a program that hasn't finished over .500 since 2003-04 -- 66-62 in overtime, a game in which the Hurricanes shot only 31 percent and went 0 for 15 from 3-point range.
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brand new team with freshmen and transfers what our Excuse.


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Yeah - I am sorry there is no excuse for losing to a school like that. Schadenfreude in full effect.


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Speaking of Virginia Tech, former Mason assistant James Johnson's days in Blacksburg might be numbered after the Chokies lost their home opener to something called USC Upstate. Our victory over AU is looking better and better.


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Johnson's got an abysmal roster this year. They'd be wise to give him a couple years to rebuild that mess.


GMUSig03 had his Bachelor Party in Miami this past weekend so we went to both games. I'll give you guys a recap on Miami BBall. But first about 5-6 of us all wore George Mason shirts to the game and a lot of people had confusing looks on their face. I bet maybe 300 people on that campus know where Coach L came from.

Ok... so it was Miami's Homecoming weekend. We pre-gamed at the on campus bar before the game. Let me throw in it was a 10pm game on a Friday night, season opener. Tons of alumni and families were there to watch the fireworks over a lake/pond in the middle of their campus before the game, good turnout for the fireworks so we were thinking the game may be packed. We sat behind the Miami bench about 20 rows back, we had a large group.

The gameday attendance was pathetic. They may of had 1,000 people there. Students do a weird chant that we couldn't figure out why they do it. One side chants Marco, other side chants Polo when a player is about to shoot his free throws. For Homecoming weekend we expected more, a lot more from the students, alumni, and fans in general. It was silent most of the game and their front row seats were bare.

Their band is pretty bad. Small and not really memorable.

Their dancers and cheerleaders blow ours out of the water. Their outfits are superior as well. This is easy because it is Miami.

There was another 40 some year old man who sat a few rows in front of us with his family who had a Mason polo shirt on. That was pretty cool.

Their team is pretty awful. Its going to be a long year for Miami, they may finish dead last in the ACC. Their 7 foot African Center reminded us of Morrison, body wise, but he was awful. Missed many open shots and easy jumpers and his defense is soft. St. Francis abused him in the paint and their other Forwards were not much help. St. Francis killed them in the paint and made a lot of their 3's. Perimeter Defense was pretty non-existent for Miami this game. Their Guards are Young but have some potential. That game was the most I've seen Coach L... #1 Actually get off his butt and Coach, #2 Yell and look mad at players and yell at his Bench, #3 do his famous whistle and call plays.

Its still weird seeing him and the Coaching staff on the sidelines. They all have their work cut out for them this year. Miami looks awful, tons of youth and laziness and basic fundamentals they have to work on with this team.

Overall, the gameday experience was pretty bad and boring, but was good seeing the old Coaches actually Coach.

In conclusion, So those people who complain about wanting so much more take a minute and just think how good we have it. We have good attendance, a GREAT band, and a core of students and alumni who care about our school, team, and community. After from what I saw, we have a pretty nice set-up. Could it be better, of course it could. But stop and smell the roses and appreciate what we have. Because that was an example of an ACC school that has a pretty awful bball experience.

We went to the VT game and all I can say is Go Hokies! Whooped them in their own house. They are supposedly a "football" school but their game was pretty poorly attended as well.

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