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Callie Lynn
"I think this decision was in large part due to the digging people did into partnerships and other matters GMU was being less than transparent about (they were certainly trying to withhold information despite the FOIA request!). Perhaps the last straw was MLC’s partnership with Betway. I can’t see how any university in good conscience would allow advertising for an online gambling platform. Thanks to all who have been active in pushing for responsible and transparent development."
"any university in good conscience would allow advertising for an online gambling platform"

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It's interesting that the Washington Freedom still plans to build a multipurpose stadium -

"The decision to part ways was mutual, according to a statement from the Washington Freedom, which indicated that it’s still looking to build a stadium somewhere in the D.C. area.

'While we have decided to go in a different direction, we are appreciative of the dialogue and partnership with GMU,' the team said. 'We remain committed to working with the broader DMV community to grow the sport of Cricket in the region and to build a multipurpose stadium that will be the future home of the Washington Freedom.'”

Perhaps, Washington Freedom and Old Glory DC rugby can build a stadium for both teams -

"Old Glory remains committed to returning to the District of Columbia when we can find a financially suitable rugby pitch that meets our standards for player welfare and fan entertainment.

We have stated in the past and will state again: Old Glory belongs in Washington, DC, our namesake and the place where our team was born.

Through our history and continuing today, we have worked to identify opportunities to play in an appropriately-sized venue that properly presents the game of rugby within the District, or at least at a Metro-accessible location inside the Beltway.

The obvious catch is that such a venue does not exist today, considering factors such as the attendance we draw, the resulting economics of our sport, the facility standards set by MLR for field quality and broadcast visuals, and others.

We pledge that a return to the center of our region remains a core element of our mission and our business plan, that we are working to achieve it at the soonest possible date, and that we will not rest in this effort until successful."
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