Game 5: GMU (4-0) at JMU (3-0) on Friday, November 19, at 7PM.

Quentin Daniels

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Gonna need more from the bench than we had last night. CKE knew he had to shorten the rotation vs Maryland but the young guys should be able to contribute against JMU

I was thinking the same. Need to give the starters' legs some rest. Hartwell had 22 min. because of XJs fouls and Henry 10 min. because of the same for Oduro, but otherwise just 6 min. for the rest of the bench.

dr. gunnie

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Gonna need more from the bench than we had last night. CKE knew he had to shorten the rotation vs Maryland but the young guys should be able to contribute against JMU

I doubt XJ and Hartwell will go 0fer against JMU either.

If things go well. We will see Gray. If they go really well Kabimba and Gadsden will play the last 2 minutes.


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We should handle JMU easily, but has all the earmarks of a classic trap game.
• Follows a big win
• Fifth game in 10 days
• Back-to-back bus trips
• On the road, home team will be amped up
• Oppty to be looking ahead to tournament/UW

I think CKE will have them focused, but if they don’t win, it’s one of those games where everyone points to the schedule afterwards.
I totally agree. Obviously it has been made clear that KE can coach and knows how to prepare his teams to play; the MD game was an amazing win for this program and a sign that we are legitimate threats again with him at the helm. But how our team comes out and plays against JMU might honestly be his toughest coaching test yet this season. Everything to date (UMD being the exception) has been at home, and he had 2 full days to prepare the guys for Maryland. JMU, on the other hand, is only 1 day of prep, while on the road, and fresh off a big win. This'll be interesting to see how he has our guys ready to play.


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I think you are all correct in your points about this being a classic trap game. I think you are all also right that CKE will have them ready. Partly because they are already ready because the prepare for each team the same way.

To quote CKE:
"We didn't prepare for Maryland any differently than we did Stony Brook, Penn, Morgan State. Our standard is our standard."


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JMU has a couple really good players and has beaten two very decent teams in ODU and EKU (on the road). They play a bunch of guys 15-20 mins. They only have Vado Morse over 30 mpg. Hodge, Faden and Morse are all potent guards that are over 83% from the free throw line this year. Hodge is also shooting 53% from the field and 50% from three. This game will be a big test to our defensive toughness as well as conditioning as JMU cycles in fresh legs routinely. (10 man rotations). They do not havea ton of beef inside so Oduro should be our focal point in getting him going. Wooden and Amadi are both decent defenders but if Oduro can do it on Wahab and Reese last night he should be fine against these two.

dr. gunnie

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Anyone know more about the streaming/tv options? I know it says NBC Washington+, but I doubt anyone outside of the area can get that. FloHoops is another option, but it looks like the minimum package for a month runs $30 which is pretty outrageous. Anyone know of any workarounds? The one site I know of that streams games (possibly illegally) doesn't have NBC Washington+ as an option.


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We now hold a one game all time advantage over JMU (48 -47).

In my day, JMU was the big game. Not so much anymore, but still important.

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