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You can look at tape on all of these guys outside of Gray and see what they are more or less about. It is all very exciting for the program. Unless Kabimba is 10x better than he probably is that is the only guy that changes the physicality of the team, which again is why we have never and probably won't matchup size wise with some of the bigger teams. Oduro isn't a traditional big which is great in most respects but if he's playing 30 mins a game (he will without foul trouble), a person can reasonably extrapolate how we are looking athletically.

I get that. But at the same time they’ve never been on the same team before or coached by English.

As for physically bigger, is that actually true of SLU?

Is Thatch physically bigger than Cooper, is Perkins bigger than Schwartz, is Jimerson bigger than Gaines, is Collins bigger than XJ or Polite? I’m not sure who is starting in place of French, but none of the possibilities is bigger than Oduro. SLU should be really good next year but how we match up physically (I mean, English is telling Oduro to put him into the wall on drills) and stylistically is up in the air.

From what I understand about Kabimba he played hurt last year (which is why he only played in 11 games) so we don’t exactly know necessarily what we are getting out of him as a potential backup.

As for Richmond, the same thing you can say about us Re: depth you can say about them. Who is behind Golden, Gilyard, and Sherod? And how good is Sherod going to be coming off another ACL?

No predictions from me until we see a good 5-7 games with this team.


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Andy Katz released his first Bracketology for the upcoming season St Bonaventure and VCU are in. Guess he doesn't know about our National Title lock this year!
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That VCU backcourt is starting to look a little thin, but I have learned not to make premature declarations about VCU's demise.
they have Tshonis who should be a top 5 conference transfer and a freshman with 4 P5 offers... plus with that front court... they will be fine.. Ace Should be back by conference play also

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