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Your continued support of over the years has enabled the improvements and upgrades to keep things running smooth and secure around here! In 2021, your donations allowed us to keep our software licenses current and provide gift cards to those who have been helping us as Moderators and with server admin tasks. We also rolled out our new Pick'em contests, and look forward to expanding that for the upcoming season and post-season.

This past year, the moderators worked together to redraft the new Terms and Rules to provide updated guidelines for our community. @mkaufman1, @MasonFanatic, and @dr. gunnie spend some of their time watching over the message boards to ensure these rules are followed and enforced fairly.

When you make an annual or monthly contribution, it is used to cover the costs of hosting, software licenses, time and effort. We've been around since 1998 with the help of donors and volunteers like you!

Any amount you can donate is very appreciated by our team. Thank you for your support.

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Our Mission
To provide an entertaining place for the fans and friends of George Mason sports to discuss GMU-related topics, and to help raise the online profile of athletic programs for recruiting and NIL fundraising whenever possible.

Our Vision
A connected, engaged, and informed community that can work together to position George Mason athletics for future successes.

Go Mason!

-Chris Metsala, '94

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